What is PrintPAC?

The PRINTING United Alliance Political Action Committee, PrintPAC, is the only political action committee dedicated solely to representing the printing and graphic communications industry. PrintPAC is a nonpartisan, federally-registered political action committee that directly promotes the election of candidates who share PRINTING United Alliance's views on issues that affect our industry every day.

Membership is voluntary, and all contributions are not tax-deductible and are regulated by disclosed giving. PrintPAC supports federal candidates who are chosen based solely on the candidates' viewpoints regarding pro-print, pro-business legislation, regardless of political affiliation.

Why is PrintPAC Important?

There are only two ways to contribute to federal candidates: through individual contributions and through PAC contributions. By pooling resources with those of other PRINTING United Alliance members, we have the ability to create more of an impact than an individual acting alone.

Every aspect of our industry is affected daily by public policy. PrintPAC allows us to positively influence issues related to the printing and graphic communications industry.

Your support of PrintPAC allows us to have a growing, well-financed political action committee with which we can continue supporting the right candidates for our industry. This is especially critical now, given the importance of the upcoming elections and current and future legislation that will be decided based on these elections. The funds we raise through PrintPAC goes directly to candidates who share our industry's views on issues that affect you, your business, your employees and your bottom line on a daily basis.

Who May Contribute to PrintPAC?

Under federal election law, membership in PrintPAC is limited to U.S. citizens or permanent green card holder who are individuals that own or are employed by PRINTING United Alliance member companies & PRINTING United Alliance affiliates. Spouses of eligible contributors may also make a PrintPAC contribution.

Prior authorization forms (enrollment forms) must be completed before PrintPAC can provide politically-related communication, invitations or solicitations.

Who CANNOT Contribute to PrintPAC?

Non-U.S. citizens or non-permanent green card holders, Corporations (corporate money is prohibited under federal election law), and federal government contractors.

How Much May I Contribute to PrintPAC?

$5,000 is the annual limit any eligible individual is allowed to contribute to PrintPAC. Any amount over $100 must be paid by credit card or personal check. Cash is only accepted for contributions less than $100.

How Are the Funds Used?

100 percent of funds contributed to PrintPAC are used to elect pro-print, pro-business candidates to federal office. Candidates in turn used these funds for campaign expenditures, such as advertising, direct mail, promotional items and more. State and local candidates are not legally eligible to receive PrintPAC support.

How Does PrintPAC Decide Which Candidates to Support?

PrintPAC evaluates an incumbent candidates voting record on business and economic issues only to determine whether he or she demonstrates support of a pro-print, pro-business advocacy agenda. PrintPAC is non-partisan and supports Democrats, Independents, and Republican candidates.

Where Can I See PrintPAC’s Financial Information?

PrintPAC submits monthly and quarterly reports to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) as required by law. All receipts and disbursements (including a list of which candidates have received PrintPAC support) are available for the public to view at www.fec.gov. PrintPAC also publishes a year-end summary and an Annual Report following every two-year election cycle.

May I Deduct My PrintPAC Contribution for Tax Purposes?

No, federal law does not permit election/political contributions to be tax deductible.

Is Participation in PrintPAC Completely Voluntary?

Yes. PRINTING United Alliance or its affiliated Associations will not favor or disadvantage anyone by reason of the amount contributed or the decision not to contribute.

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