About PrintPAC

PrintPAC, the official political action committee of PRINTING United Alliance, is the industry’s most important means of impacting public policy direction and debate pertaining to issues affecting printing and graphic communications companies. Member company CEOs, presidents and executive management unite through PrintPAC to support federal candidates that are willing to defend and advance pro-print, pro-business legislation in Washington, DC.

PrintPAC is an ongoing endeavor. Resources are dedicated to supporting campaigns and elections, and also to building and maintaining solid political relationships with lawmakers. It’s critical that members utilize PrintPAC as a way to continually educate lawmakers about the challenges and opportunities facing our industry. PrintPAC allows industry leaders to join together to accomplish this goal.

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) requires trade associations to obtain permission from member companies to be contacted regarding PrintPAC. If you have not yet enrolled, please access our online Prior Authorization Form here.

In accordance with FEC requirements, you must log in before viewing all of the content on this website.

If you have any questions, or would like additional information regarding PrintPAC, please contact Lisbeth Lyons, Vice President of Government and Political Affairs, by phone at 202-627-6924 or via email at llyons [at] printing.org

As always, thank you for your continued support and participation in PrintPAC.

Political Action Committee from PRINTING United Alliance